My Fitness Journey| Starting with Why

Why do you want to get healthy? Is it just for aesthetic reasons? I think we all want to look and feel our best. However, if you are focusing on the end result instead of changing your habits you are bound to fail. Your success rate will be much greater if you have a bigger WHY. For example, health reasons, to improve your quality of life or to simply have more energy to get shit done.

SO what’s yours why? My why for 2018 was to get healthy. I wanted to improve my eating habits because diabetes runs in my family and immediate family members were experiencing some serious health issues. I have two awesome little boys that watch my every move and I wanted to be a good example for them. 2018, I lost over 20lbs. I started the year being 164 lbs and ended the year being 138 lbs.

For 2019, my why is because it makes me feels good. My body responds well to daily movement and eating nutritious foods. If I miss a workout there is a huge difference in my mood, I feel stiff, unproductive and just sluggish. Exercising or even just stretching is such a therapeutic session for me. Honestly, it's my me time! It's when I can focus on me guilt-free and just relax.

Now that we talked about our why, what are your fitness goals? It's important to set SMART goals. I could care less about the number on the scale. I believe I am at decent weight according to my height (5’4 baby!) and the last time I weighed myself. My goal is to build muscle and lose body fat. Like many women, the body area that I am least comfortable with is my stomach. I don’t need abs, I just want my core to be strong. Having strengthen will come in handy for those days when I try to carry all the grocery bags in one go (lol).

Once you have a solid WHY, you will be unstoppable! I think the hardest part is starting, but once you do, you will be obsessed with your new healthy lifestyle.

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